Wednesday, July 27, 2005


719 is the Financial Controller here in Paris. Normally, that's a very prestigious job for a Lyran, but he's been making himself just a bit unpopular recently with those of us who think we are actually doing something about getting back to Lyra, and don't always have the time to fill in forms.
"What's this?" he enquired prissily when I gave him my expenses form.
"It's a bribe to an American politician visiting Europe."
"I can see that. But it's a lot of money for one politician. Are you sure it represents good value for money?"
"It's not a lot," I said. It's only twenty thousand dollars. Oh, and a meal at the Tour d'Argent. The average American politician will cost you at least twice that."
He grumbled and went away.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Dead Americans

Most of the week spent in the review of the new workstream 4 - bankrupting America. There was a big argument about whether American casualties in Iraq are high enough. 2376, who's running Baghdad, and looking a bit fragile these days, said that there wasn't much practically we could do, but we could perhaps arrange supplies of heavy machine guns and so on through intermediaries. In the end, though, the conclusion was not to do anything. As 406 said, the issue isn't how many Americans - or Iraqis - die, but how long the US stays there. Higher casualties might (you're never sure with these nuts) simply make them go home, which would be a disaster.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Pentagon Clones

1776 came through today on his way from Washington (yes, he thinks it's funny as well). He runs the Pentagon Clone Unit, which now manages twelve clones - some political, some military. He's been in the job for a decade now, and he said life has never been easier - some of the non-clones in the Pentagon are so weird that the standard problems (even with the Mk 15D clone) of staring eyes and slurred speech, don't stand out. Meanwhile, he's pretty happy that the cost of the war keeps going up - the clones have apparently ensured that the Pentagon has completely lost control of the budget.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

More on London Bombs

OK, I was wrong. 105 did a fantastic job with the UK media - bribery, threats, hypnosis, you name it. They've almost all fallen for Clone 44's line about nothing-to-do-with Iraq. The funny thing is that even the pundits we couldn't reach mainly said the same thing. I don't know about the British - I always thought that they could manage the occasional logical thought, but maybe I was wrong.
On the other hand, here is some good news about the cost of the Iraq war - still going up.

Friday, July 08, 2005

London Bombs

Lots of long faces when the news about the London bombs came in. The worry is that if the British get out of Iraq, then the US will follow, and that means the US economy won't fall apart so quickly. The number crunchers decided that it could take us another five years to get home as a result. So 105, who's good at this kind of thing is in overdrive trying to fix the PR line - which of course will be, no connection with Iraq, good heavens what an idea. Clone 44 has already been sent his orders, but I have to say I'm not hopeful.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Strange People

Of course, I haven't lived in Paris for over half a century, but it's still a bit of a shock to walk round the Marais. It's a bit ... weird. I knew it was the main gay area, of course, but with three sexes (well, main sexes anyway) Lyrans can handle that. But I've never seen such a bizarre crowd as Saturday afternoon in the rue des Rosiers. But then, as 1997 said, it does rather help us blend in. We have a Lyran in the government in Reykjavik - now there's a job of concealment.